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    Silver bar

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    شمش نقره یک کیلویی

    شمش نقره 1 کیلویی ندیر ترکیه

    شمش نقره خالص ۹۹۹ در یک کیلوگرم همراه با فاکتور رسمی و تضمینی با قیمت خرید روز جهت مشاور سرمایه گذاری شمش نقره با شماره 09123498666 تماس بگیرید
    65,000,000 تومان
    ساچمه نقره

    Silver bullet

    Buying and selling silver balls, sending to all over the country with a valid guaranteed invoice (call 09123498666) The price of bullets on the day of delivery to Tehran market
    57,950 تومان
    شمش نقره ۵۰۰ گرمی

    شمش نقره نیم کیلویی (500 گرمی)

    خرید و فروش شمش نقره خالص نیم کیلویی (500 گرمی) جهت مشاور سرمایه گذاری شمش نقره با شماره 09123498666 تماس بگیرید
    33,000,000 تومان
    شمش نقره ۲۵۰ گرمی ندیر ترکیه

    شمش نقره (250 گرمی) ندیر ترکیه

    سازنده: شرکت نادیر(Nadir Metal Rafineri) اندازه: 90 میلی متر × 40.6 میلی متر × 8.1 میلی متر خلوص شمش: 99.9% یا 99.99% وزن  شمش: 250 گرم 
    17,500,000 تومان
    شمش نقره ۱۰۰ گرمی ندیر

    شمش نقره 100 گرمی ندیر(نادیر)

    قیمت: از 8,000,000 تومان سازنده: Nadir Metal وزن (گرم): 100 محتوای نقره خالص (گرم): 100 عیار شمش نقره: 999.0 ابعاد: 29.5 × 50 میلی متر موجودی: موجود است
    8,000,000 تومان
    شمش نقره ۵۰ گرمی ندیر

    شمش نقره 50 گرمی ندیر ترکیه

    سازنده: شرکت صنعتی ندیر ترکیه وزن (گرم): 50 محتوای نقره خالص (گرم): 50 عیار شمش نقره: 999 ابعاد: 29.5 × 50 میلی متر موجودی: موجود می باشد
    4,150,000 تومان

    Silver Bar sales center

    We are all looking for a valuable item as a gift or even as an investment. Silver bullion is also a valuable commodity that you can make a pure investment by purchasing and preparing it. The main and important question is where to get silver ingots that will not cause damage or be fake. We have come to help and guide you to buy the best silver bullion with the right choice and enjoy your purchase. When buying silver ingots, the first and most important thing to consider is the difference between an ounce and a gram.
    Where to buy silver bullion? What is silver bullion?

      When buying silver ingots and even different models of silver such as: license plates, coins, etc., to the place you enter and those who explain silver ingots to you, all of them must have credit that if ever for any reason the silver ingot It was purchased without validity and value, it has the ability to return and exchange points. You can buy and invest in silver bullion from reputable sites and online stores that have high value and credibility and also have the necessary licenses.

    Silver ball, silver ingot

    What is an ounce?

    In order to measure precious metals and measure its standard, the ounce will help you and know that each ounce is equal to 34.28 grams. If someone prepares a one-ounce bar, the weight of that person's silver bar is estimated to be 34 grams. Most one ounce silver bars are available in Tehran market. It should be noted that if someone is a buyer of one kilogram silver ingots in neighboring countries such as Turkey, he must enter our country for the transaction to take place.

      You can buy and invest in silver bullion from reputable sites and online stores that have high value and credibility and also have the necessary licenses.

    Where to buy silver bullion? What is silver bullion?

      In the science of metallurgy, a metal rod or plate that is made of silver and is usually made and sold in the market with 999 carat is called silver bullion. This precious metal is found in nature and is the second most precious metal after gold. The characteristics of silver include its luster, softness, and its white color, which can be found in nature both pure and combined with other metals. A mold with a length of less than 2 meters is called an ingot, and in a situation where a silver ingot with a cross section smaller than 225 cm is placed, it is called an ingot.


    Effective tips regarding the sale of silver bullion

    In considering the sale of silver bullion, you should know that the next step is to decide who to sell your precious metals to. There are many options to start with a dealer in your area or an online dealer. Usually an online seller can pay you much more than a local seller. This is because the seller will generally offer a much lower price for your metals. Therefore, another important factor to consider in selling silver bullion is privacy. Your safety and security is important at all times and it's not a good idea if people think you own precious metals.
    - online sell:

    We suggest you prepare a "packing sheet" that shows the shipping details, quantity, serial number and any other information that will assist shipping and receiving personnel when your package arrives. Remember to place the packing sheet in the box with the metals before sealing the box for shipping.

    In selling silver bullion you want to insure your metals for the value of the contents of your package. Postal service and registered mail service is the only way you want to fully insure your metals. They provide you with a tracking code that allows you to track your package, where it is signed for and delivered by the designated recipient. Other major courier services are that they do not insure precious metal coins and bullion.


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    Selling silver bullion


    It's important to keep up to date with silver bullion prices to ensure you have a good indication of the value of your holdings. You can always see its current price with its fluctuations on websites at any time of the day. If you have a collection of silver bullion that you want to sell, up-to-date asset prices can help in the decision-making process of selling your silver assets. This ensures that you, as an investor, are more likely to make a profitable sale when it comes to selling silver online.
    Ensuring your safety when selling silver bullion

    Whether you are new to investing in gold and silver or a seasoned veteran, you want to make sure that the assets you are selling are from a trusted bullion dealer. You want to make sure you're getting a good return on your investment when selling parts of your silver portfolio. There are many things to consider when selling these two precious metals where safety comes first. If you're looking to sell some of your gold or silver holdings from your portfolio, it's important to do your research. Here are just a few more things to consider when selling your gold and silver holdings online:
    1. You need a reliable seller of silver bullion

    You should make sure that the silver bullion seller has excellent security on their website as well as valid reviews to minimize the risk of losing your capital. Selling silver online to a knowledgeable and trusted bullion dealer is a safe way to sell metals








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