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    شمش طلا سوئیسی، یک محصول باکیفیت و مورد اعتماد در بازارهای جهانی است. کشور سوئیس به عنوان یکی از مهم‌ترین مراکز تولید شمش‌های طلا و نقره در جهان شناخته می‌شود. این شمش‌ها به دلیل استانداردهای بالای تولید، خلوص بالا و اعتبار جهانی سوئیس، مورد توجه سرمایه‌گذاران، معامله‌گران و مصرف‌کنندگان در سراسر دنیا قرار دارند.  قیمت شمش طلا سوئیسی: از گرمی ۶ ملیون به بالا
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    زمانی که صحبت از سرمایه گذاری در شمش طلا اب شده می شود، چند مورد وجود دارد که حتما باید بررسی کنید. هرچند خرید طلا همیشه معمولا سودده است اما با رعایت این موارد قبل از سرمایه گذاری می توانید اطمینان حاصل کنید که تصمیمی آگاهانه و درست گرفته اید.
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    The price of gold bars

    Cofesilver online gold and silver shop can help you to deside how to invest on gold or silber bars


    The experts of Silver Cafe are always ready for free consultation for investing in gold, silver or precious and semi-precious stones.


    Factors affecting the price of gold Bars

    The following factors affect the price of gold bullion.

    Weight of gold bar

    Carat gold bullion

    The country that sealed the gold bullion

    Supply and demand: the price of bullion is determined according to its supply and demand in the market. If demand increases, the bullion can trade for more than its intrinsic value.

    Global economic situation: The global economic situation can also affect the price of bullion. For example, during an economic crisis, the demand for bullion increases and as a result its price rises.


    According to the price of gold bars, should we buy bars now or not?

    You can decide to invest in gold bullion or silver bullion based on the following factors.


    1. The amount you want to invest. Personal financial situation: Examining a person's financial situation, including income, living expenses, savings and other funds can be influential in decision making.

    2. Purpose of investment: Theory of purpose of investment: People who seek to preserve the value of their capital against inflation and market fluctuations, may be inclined to buy gold bars.

    3. Gold market situation: Examining the gold market situation including the current price, market trends and future forecasts is also influential in decision-making.

    4. Investment market trend: Investment trend: Analyzing the trend of investing in gold and its value in the long term can help to better understand the value of investing in gold.


    As a result, the decision to buy or not to buy gold bullion depends on personal circumstances, investment goals and market analysis. But it is always recommended to consult financial and investment experts to make better decisions.

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    Investment in gold bullion or molten gold

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    Types of gold bars

    Carat gold bullion

    How to buy and sell physical gold


    A gold bar is a piece of pure gold or an alloy of gold and other metals that is made in a cubic or rectangular shape.


    Types of gold bars

    Gold bullion can be divided into two main categories based on purity and material:

    Pure gold bullion has a higher grade and more value. However, alloyed gold bullion is stronger and more durable. Therefore, the choice between these two categories depends on various factors such as people's needs and budget.

    Pure: This type usually has a purity of 99.9% and is made of pure gold.

    Alloy (mixed): This type is made from a combination of gold and other metals such as copper, silver and palladium, and its purity is usually less than 99.9%.


    One of the common alloys of gold combined with copper is called rose gold. Rose gold has gained much attention in recent years due to its unique color.

    Copper makes the gold bullion stronger and more resistant, and it is also suitable for making jewelry, etc.

    Other alloys include white gold mixed with white metals such as palladium, nickel or silver. White gold is also used to make jewelry.


    How to recognize real gold bars

    Among the methods of identifying the original bullion, the following can be mentioned.

    Checking the carat: The carat of the bullion must be engraved on it. It is not easy to measure the value of gold and it is necessary to buy gold from reputable centers.

    Identification code check: Each ingot has a unique identification code engraved on it. It is better to make sure that there is an identification code on the gold bar before buying it.

    Checking the appearance: The original ingot should have a shiny appearance. If its shape has a cloudy or unusual appearance, the ingot is probably not genuine.

    Benefits of investing in gold bars

    Among the benefits of investing in bullion, the following can be mentioned

    Preservation of capital value: As a precious metal, gold has a high intrinsic value and over time, it will usually maintain its value.

    From the past to the present, people choose to invest in gold and bullion as one of the suitable options for forming their asset portfolio in order to preserve the value of their capital.

    High liquidity: bullion can be easily bought and sold and has high liquidity.

    Diversification of the investment portfolio: By allocating part of his asset portfolio to gold bullion, the investor can manage the risk of his asset portfolio.

    Carat gold bullion

    The number 999 engraved on some gold bars indicates 24 karat gold. A gold ounce is a unit used to measure the weight of gold, and the price of an ounce of gold changes with the fluctuations of the world market.

    This unit is represented by the letter oz, which is derived from the word ounce. There are different gold ounce that is used in Iran, each troy ounce is equal to 31.10343 grams. This unit is used in gold transactions all over the world.

    Gold rate is different in different countries. For example, gold carat is 21 carat in Arab countries, Persian Gulf region, 22 carat in India and Bangladesh, 24 carat in China and Taiwan, 14 carat in Europe and America and 18 carat in our country. The price of gold is calculated according to its grade and weight.


    How to buy and sell physical gold

    To buy and sell bullion, you can visit reputable gold bullion centers.

    When buying bullion, be sure to check its authenticity. For this, you can show the bullion to a trusted goldsmith to ensure the authenticity of the gold bullion in question.

    To reduce the risk of physical storage of gold bullion, it should be kept in a safe place. People can take responsibility



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