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    Designing and producing the silver you want with the latest methods in the world


    Silver Cafe

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    Silver Cafe designs and manufactures custom gold and jewelry. Since you are paying a significant amount for your jewelry, you have the right to demand that it be designed and made according to your budget and taste.


    Jewelry and ornaments have always been among the expensive goods and it is your right to make sure that everything is made according to your own taste when you want to buy these expensive products. This is what we do at cofesilver cafe. Silver Cafe's design team will help you to make sure that the principles of silver design are followed correctly in your order while you order your favorite silver with your personal taste and opinion. Also, by using the best raw materials as well as designing and manufacturing silver and jewelry using computers and modern and advanced devices, we guarantee you that the final product will be of unique quality in addition to its custom design and unique model. had


    silver necklace


    Silver Cafe Silver Store serves the silver design industry, silver manufacturing and silver sales by providing the following services


    1- Silver jewelry design


    2- Buying and selling silver balls


    3- Buying and selling raw silver


    4- Making silver ornaments


    5- Buying and selling silver rosaries


    6- Buying and selling silver necklaces (silver necklaces)


    7- Buying and selling silver stirrups


    8- Buying and selling silver bracelets


    9- Buying and selling silver binding


    10- Buying and selling silver


    11- Buying and selling silver rings


    12- Buying and selling Nishabour turquoise stone


    13- Buying and selling all kinds of precious stones


    14- Buying and selling emeralds


    15- Buying and selling diamonds


    16- Buying and selling diamonds


    17- Buying and selling silverware


    18- Buying and selling silver plates


    19- Buying and selling silver bars


    20- Buying and selling silver shop


    21- Investing in silver paper


    22- Buying and selling silver workshop


    23- Goldsmith training


    24- Jewelry making training


    25- Silver casting training


    26- Gold casting training


    27- Amaz Mukharajkari


    28- Stone cutting training


    29- Diamond cutting training


    Categories of Silver Cafe products


    1- Jewelry


    2- Silver


    3- Silver wholesale


    4- Silver banking


    5- Silver necklace


    6- Silver bullion


    7- Silver bracelet


    8- Silver binding


    9- Silver ring


    10- Silver earrings


    11- Silver rosary


    12- Silver set


    13- Silver half set


    14- Piercing


    15- Silver ring


    16- Gold


    17- Silver making training


    How to get started in jewelry, gold, silversmithing and allied industries


    There is very little professional and skill training in jewelry, silversmithing, and related industries, but whatever field you enter, you will benefit from having an understanding and interest in working with precious materials. When considering your options, it's helpful to know that there are a variety of educational options available, including internships and short- or full-time courses at colleges, universities, and training centers. Below you can learn about a range of these different options and potential paths to a creative career in the gold industry.




    Silver jewelry is available in many varieties, which have attracted women in particular. A silver necklace is one of these jewels, which, if purchased, makes the consumer more beautiful and attractive.


    This site was founded by the father of Iranian silver, Mr. Amir Jokar




    Today, silver necklaces are available in the market with jewels, without jewels, with pendants or without pendants and in various designs. When buying these necklaces, you should pay attention to their price. Things like its design, length and width, total weight and grade will be influential in determining their final price.


    Although the silver necklace is a piece of jewelry with a beautiful and attractive appearance, if you are looking to buy a cheaper product, buying a delicate women's silver necklace can be a good option. These types of necklaces, always with modern and beautiful designs, suit the taste of many women. Also, the price of elegant women's silver necklace is lower than the silver necklace with turquoise stone, and it is especially suitable for younger people.




    Necklaces made of silver and amethyst


    The composition used in this type of women's necklaces has considerable effects in the treatment of skin diseases. It should be noted that there are many women's necklaces made of silver and other precious stones, and the mentioned items are only limited examples of silver necklaces, and each of them in turn brings many healing properties to women in addition to beauty. . For this reason, the use of these silver necklaces is recommended for men and women.


    Silver necklaces can also be simple, chain, pendant and models without jewels, which are presented in different designs with special symbols or Latin and Persian names. Using a silver necklace with a short chain is recommended for women with long necks, and on the contrary, women with shorter necks should use a silver necklace with a long chain.






    Today, there are different models for necklaces, the use of which is related to the model of the person's face, upper body, and clothes. The use of jewelry has always been welcomed by the general public, both men and women, but naturally, women use more jewelry due to their personality characteristics and paying more attention to their appearance. It takes jewelry made of silver. Silver is an attractive and shiny metal that can be found both naturally and pure in the environment and can be found combined with gold and other metals. Also, sometimes it may be found in minerals during activities related to the identification of precious stones.


    Silver is a precious metal that is used both in the jewelry making industry and because of its high electrical conductivity, it is used in various industries. But it can definitely be said that the most use of this metal is in the industries related to the manufacture of jewelry. The variety of jewelry produced from silver is so great that it is not possible to include all of them in one article. For this reason, the properties of silver are discussed first, and then the explanations regarding one of the types of jewelry made of this metal, i.e. silver necklaces, are discussed.




    Cafe Silver online jewelry, gold and silver jewelry store




    Introducing famous brands of women's silver necklaces


    On the Silver Cafe website, you can look for more complete information in this field by checking different brands in the field of women's silver necklaces and make a purchase. Many well-known brands are active in this field, for example, the women's silver necklace of Shahr Javaher, Suvaroski, Iglimeh, E-Element, Zhuping can be mentioned. This category of silver necklaces have the best quality at the most suitable price and offer a great variety of designs and models. Therefore, you have many choices when shopping. You can also get information about different and newer models and make a better purchase decision.




    Women's pendant necklace (Pendant Necklace)


    Women's pendant necklaces can be seen in different designs and colors. One of the most versatile ornaments is the pendant necklace, while your style becomes more attractive, you can show your personality through it. The pendant of these necklaces is the focal point that is attached to a chain of any length.


    Single gem pendant necklaces are a special form of pendant necklaces. In single gem pendant necklaces, the main focus is on a single stone, pearl, diamond or other object. Single gem necklaces never go out of fashion and have a simple look. Pendant necklace plaques are designed in different ways; Moon and stars, trees, precious stones, etc. This type of necklace is suitable for almost all women with all styles.


    In addition to the mentioned brands, many other brands are also active in this field. For example, the Pandora brand with its attractive and unique designs d