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silver ring

   Ring and ring, silver ring and ring set

Men's and women's rings are among the most popular jewelry
, having a "silver" or "gold" accessory (or gold design) in the hands causes creation
Feel stylish and confident.

حلقه نقره   Rings without gems

They make it possible to cover without having a flashy and shiny appearance
Simple and stylish at the same time

On the other hand, they can be easily matched with any other type of accessory.

Silver ring and ring set without gems can be used as engagement and marriage rings
also used

Men's accessories and rings are mostly without gems or less gems.

حلقه نقره

Rings with gems

They have an extraordinary shine and beauty, and according to individual taste
It is possible to use single gem or full gem rings, and more gems
Women's accessories are seen.

حلقه نقره

      Women's and men's rings

Gold design rings and rings with extraordinary beauty and shine, reasonable price
Also, their very high diversity can be a very suitable alternative against
Gold rings.

Cafe Silver online store by eliminating sales intermediaries and eliminating taxes and reducing prices
It offers jewelry and silver ornaments at the best price to its dear customers.

حلقه نقره

Cafe Silver jewelry store

If you request to make and order a special *ring* or desire to be plated with
You have a different color, contact the experts of Silver Cafe through chat and WhatsApp.
The price of color change and electroplating is 3000 Tomans per gram.

In case of any questions, contact our experts through online chat or WhatsApp

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