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    Online Gold and jewelry store

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    Picture of پیرسینگ گوش ژوپینگ استیل مدل طلایی رنگ

    پیرسینگ گوش ژوپینگ استیل مدل طلایی رنگ

    استیل رنگ ثابت و ضدحساسیت/ ابعاد : قطر خارجی ۱۲ میلیمتر
    70,000 تومان
    ساعت LED طلایی مدل K99

    ساعت LED طلایی مدل K99

    ساعت LED طلایی مدل K99
    قیمت تماس بگیرید
    ساعت مچي LED طرح اپل واچ

    ساعت مچي LED طرح اپل واچ

    ساعت مچي LED طرح اپل واچ
    قیمت تماس بگیرید
    ساعت مچي فلزي صفحه رنگي جنوا

    ساعت مچي فلزي صفحه رنگي جنوا

    ساعت مچي فلزي صفحه رنگي جنوا
    قیمت تماس بگیرید
    Picture of شمش طلا سوئیسی

    شمش طلا سوئیسی

    شمش طلا سوئیسی، یک محصول باکیفیت و مورد اعتماد در بازارهای جهانی است. کشور سوئیس به عنوان یکی از مهم‌ترین مراکز تولید شمش‌های طلا و نقره در جهان شناخته می‌شود. این شمش‌ها به دلیل استانداردهای بالای تولید، خلوص بالا و اعتبار جهانی سوئیس، مورد توجه سرمایه‌گذاران، معامله‌گران و مصرف‌کنندگان در سراسر دنیا قرار دارند.  قیمت شمش طلا سوئیسی: از گرمی ۶ ملیون به بالا
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    Picture of شمش طلای آب شده

    شمش طلای آب شده

    زمانی که صحبت از سرمایه گذاری در شمش طلا اب شده می شود، چند مورد وجود دارد که حتما باید بررسی کنید. هرچند خرید طلا همیشه معمولا سودده است اما با رعایت این موارد قبل از سرمایه گذاری می توانید اطمینان حاصل کنید که تصمیمی آگاهانه و درست گرفته اید.
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    Cafe Silver jewelry store

    Buying gold online, another service from the Silver Cafe collection


    Silver Cafe is an online showcase of the country's jewelry, which has started its activity with the aim of developing and transforming the jewelry industry. Dear compatriots, you can visit Iran's prestigious jewelry stores at any time of the day and night and experience the joy of a smart choice by checking, comparing and choosing the product you want.


    We worked hard not only to solve the concerns of buying gold for you, but also to give you the pleasure of visiting the virtual storefront and buying gold online. We created an light showcase so that you can see thousands of golds all over Iran, compare them, and choose the most stylish and economical one, see the prices completely transparently and up-to-date, buy with confidence and get it delivered to your door as soon as possible.



    Silver Cafe is a store as wide as Iran

    The Silver Cafe collection is one of the most reliable online stores in our beloved country, Iran. Today, after a lot of effort and continuous activity, it has become one of the most reliable stores in the field of buying gold online.

    Considering that credibility and trust are the first words in the field of buying gold online, you can get everything you need online with just a few simple clicks.

    Advantages of buying gold online from Silver Cafe

    Buy gold online from a showcase all over the world

         Making custom gold with 21 karat at the customer's request

         By buying gold online from Silver Cafe, you have access to a 24-hour online branch where you can place your order from anywhere and anytime with a few simple clicks.
         Buy gold online from a diverse and vast showcase that offers a wide range of handmade and international jewelry.
         You can check a wide range of jewelry and compare their prices without wasting time and money.
         And hundreds of other unique benefits that are only available at Silver Cafe.


    Getting to know how to buy and sell gold online

    To buy and sell gold online through Cafe Silver, you only need to enter the website of Cafe Silver and find your desired product through the available pages.

    At this stage, you will get to know a variety of handmade products designed and offered by skilled Iranian craftsmen and creative designers.

    Why choose Silver Cafe to buy gold online?

    Gold is one of the products, its purchase has high sensitivity and accuracy, and because of its high price, the risk of buying increases. Buying gold from sites that are not trusted does not lead to the delivery of fake or low-quality products.

    Silver Gold Cafe has solved all these problems for the trust of more users. This collection is provided with a permanent guarantee, an official invoice.

    You can submit your desired design to Silver Cafe designers to receive your final order with the highest quality and similarity to the original design, along with free delivery to your door.

    Buying all kinds of gold online with a few simple clicks

    Shop without limits!

    The diverse range of Silver Cafe products has provided you with the possibility to buy whatever you have in mind without restrictions; Even if you don't find what you are looking for on the site, you can order the desired pattern so that the exact same design will be produced exclusively for you.

    All Cafe Silver products are 18 carats and are prepared and produced by the most creative designers and the best craftsmen; But according to your request and budget, it is possible to produce a selected design with 21 carat gold.

    To view and buy unique jewelry, you only need to view the best ones through different pages of the site and choose the most attractive one after comparing and checking.


    After a lot of experience working in the field of gold and jewelry, while producing the most unique products, Silver Cafe tried to solve the concerns of customers in the field of buying gold online, and along with that, it gave users the experience of a virtual showcase tour.

    The showcase of this collection is full of Iranian handmade jewelry and the latest international brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, Rolex, Versace, etc., so that you can have a lovely choice without any restrictions while observing and comparing.


    Buy gold online from Cafe Silver online store



    Cafe Silver jewelry site designs the most luxurious and best jewelry and delivers this gold and jewelry to its customers with the best packaging. Cafe Silver jewelry online store uses the best and most expert people to buy and sell gold and jewelry.

    Buying luxury and stylish gold

    If you want to buy luxury and up-to-date gold and jewelry, we recommend you to visit Cafe Silver collections, because all Cafe Silver collections are made of the most up-to-date and special designs, which have a unique variety and can satisfy anyone's opinion. to attract


    Exclusive jewelry order

    In addition to selling gold and jewelry, Cafe Silver's jewelry site is ready to make custom designs for you. If you want to have your desired design, including rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc., you can refer to the special order page and send us your desired design and the experts of the Silver Cafe online jewelry store. They will contact you from the review and make your plan.

    Gold and jewelry site

    Silver Cafe gold and jewelry site is the provider of the most up-to-date and stylish jewelry



    فروشگاه طلا و جواهر کافه سیلور

    خرید طلای آنلاین، خدمتی دیگر از مجموعه کافه سیلور




     مجموعه طلای کافه سیلور


    فروشگاه طلای کافه سیلور


    طلای کافه سیلور




    سایت طلا و جواهر کافه سیلور لوکس ترین و بهترین زیورآلات را طراحی می کند و این طلا و جواهرات را با بهترین بسته بندی به دست مشتری خود می رساند. فروشگاه اینترنتی طلا و جواهر کافه سیلور برای خرید و فروش طلا و جواهرات از بهترین و متخصص ترین افراد استفاده می کند .



    طراحی طلای کافه سیلور




    فروشگاه کافه سیلور