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    خرید شمش نقره


    iran silver online forum

    Welcome to Silver Cafe silver and silver jewelry online store users forum.



    In these forums, you can discuss and discuss the services offered to the silver industry and help the development of all users, including producers and consumers, by sharing your news and experiences.

      Thank you: Amir Jokar, the founder of the store and content site of Silver Cafe

    Silver Cafe services:
    Designing and producing the silver you want with the latest methods in the world



    Categories of Silver Cafe products

    1- Jewelry

    2- Silver

    3- Silver wholesale

    4- Silver banking

    5- Silver necklace

    6- Silver bullion

    7- Silver bracelet

    8- Silver binding

    9- Silver ring

    10- Silver earrings

    11- Silver rosary

    12- Silver set

    13- Silver half set

    14- Piercing

    15- Silver ring

    16- Gold

    17- Silver making training

    Silver Cafe Silver Store serves the silver design industry, silver manufacturing and silver sales by providing the following services

    1- Silver jewelry design

    2- Buying and selling silver balls

    3- Buying and selling raw silver

    4- Making silver ornaments

    5- Buying and selling silver rosaries

    6- Buying and selling silver necklaces (silver necklaces)

    7- Buying and selling silver stirrups

    8- Buying and selling silver bracelets

    9- Buying and selling silver binding

    10- Buying and selling silver

    11- Buying and selling silver rings

    12- Buying and selling Nishabour turquoise stone

    13- Buying and selling all kinds of precious stones

    14- Buying and selling emeralds

    15- Buying and selling diamonds

    16- Buying and selling diamonds

    17- Buying and selling silverware

    18- Buying and selling silver plates

    19- Buying and selling silver bars

    20- Buying and selling silver shop

    21- Investing in silver paper

    22- Buying and selling silver workshop

    23- Goldsmith training

    24- Jewelry making training

    25- Silver casting training

    26- Gold casting training

    27- Amaz Mukharajkari

    28- Stone cutting training

    29- Diamond cutting training



    field of activity
    Silver Cafe designs and manufactures custom gold and jewelry. Since you are paying a significant amount for your jewelry, you have the right to demand that it be designed and made according to your budget and taste.

    Jewelry and ornaments have always been among the expensive goods and it is your right to make sure that everything is made according to your own taste when you want to buy these expensive products. This is what we do at cofesilver cafe. Silver Cafe's design team will help you to make sure that the principles of silver design are followed correctly in your order while you order your favorite silver with your personal taste and opinion. Also, by using the best raw materials as well as designing and manufacturing silver and jewelry using computers and modern and advanced devices, we guarantee you that the final product will be of unique quality in addition to its custom design and unique model. had