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    Selling luxury jewelry

    Selling luxury jewelry

    The difference between buying and selling jewelry and gold

    In fact, you should know that the type of buying and selling jewelry is different from gold. To sell gold, the daily price of each gram of gold is added together with the manufacturing fee and the seller's profit, which is 7 or 8%. But for selling jewelry, the daily selling price of each gram of gold is Along with the wages, such as the stones used, the making of the jewelry base, expenses and other expenses are collected along with the seller's profit, which is 15-20%. So, the way to buy gold is different from jewelry, and the terms of their sale by the consumer are also different. So consider all the points mentioned while buying or selling luxury jewelry.
    جواهرات میکی موتو
    Famous brands of luxury jewelry


    The pieces worked in this brand are made of original stones and jewels and a thick layer of 18 karat gold. Chopard is of high quality because every detail is considered in its construction.

    Mickey Moto

    This brand is the founder of pearl farming. Miki Moto jewelry is one of the most valuable and luxurious products of the oceans, such as rare pearls in the South Sea, pink conch shell pearls, titanium pearls and white pearls.


    Needless to say, they use 18-karat gold or white gold to make Miki Moto. In this brand, the best diamonds and very natural and pure colored stones are used. Also, the best quality silk threads are used to thread the pearls. The charm of Miki Moto jewelry while being simple makes its products special and different. Each of Miki Moto's works usually use one or two types of stones, which They are of very high quality.


    Miki Moto Jewelry


    After the establishment of Bulgari, this company has been leading among the best jewelers in the world for many years. From the same years, jewelry was made by combining old models with new and creative designs. Some of Bulgari's luxury jewelry includes chunky pieces of jewelry, bold designs, shapes of colorful and bright flowers and fruits, necklaces, bangles, and cufflinks from Italy. Bvlgari is currently considered one of the best jewels next to 18 karat gold for sensitive and discerning customers.


    After the business of an individual named George Piaget in the Gervais region, the house of Piaget started producing the best watches, but over time this family expanded its work and after some time began to produce luxury and quality jewelry. The shape and design of Piaget brand products are inspired by old Hollywood and fantasy gardens. The rose is one of the famous symbols of the Piaget brand. Most of Piaget's designs are modern and attractive, with prominent lines and angles that convey a sense of movement and dynamism to the viewer.


    Graf brand has high quality and great reputation. The high quality of the Graf brand has made this brand stand out from other jewelry because they use coarse stones when making them.


    Tiffany is known as one of the most luxurious and high-quality jewelry brands. This brand has been able to offer jewelry that you can use both during the day and at night. Tiffany can be used not only by women, but also by men and children.

    Because this brand, in addition to being a big name, also has high quality. Tiffany gold and silver types are very dazzling and shiny and the stones worked in them are flawless. In making this type of jewelry, the best materials are used and all the details are examined carefully.

    Despite the luxury and modernity of Tiffany, the slogan of this brand is simplicity. Among the jewelry offered by this Tiffany are bracelets, ring necklaces, basket weave bracelets, heart pendants, multi-dimensional designs with bird and flower designs. Ha pointed out.

     جواهرات تیفانی

    Tiffany jewelry


    The high quality of the Italian gold of this brand has made it known in the world. Designers in this field adhere to the Roman style and in the production of their products, they use delicate and lace-shaped carvings that make them more delicate.

    This brand also offers woven jewelry. Also, in order to make the metal surface matte, they are usually combined with silver or gold to obtain a soft and shiny texture. In addition to all the points mentioned, Boselsha luxury jewelry has a full and heavy texture due to its high density.

    Van Cleef

    The origin of this gem was in France for the first time. The Van Cleef brand has a special class, in fact, in its design, they are inspired by jewelry with heavenly power and natural inspiration. For this reason, most of the Van Cleef jewelry has a cheap appearance. Van Cleef permanently designs jewelry with animals, flowers and designs and markets birds.

    Harry Winston

    Despite its classic style, this brand has the highest and highest sales and ranking among all other jewelry and brands. In fact, experts and elite people are used to produce each part of the luxury jewelry of this brand. The durability and durability of each part is guaranteed and leaves no room for worry.

     قیمت زیور آلات ساخته شده از طلا و جواهر
    The price of jewelry made of gold and jewelry

    One of the important issues that most people think about when buying or selling luxury jewelry is how to calculate the price. The price of gold and jewelry is checked based on the daily rate and according to their carat. In fact, this rate may change daily or hourly. Another thing that affects the price of jewelry is the price of it, and another factor is the percentage of retail sales and value added tax, which has a great impact on the final price in buying and selling.


    last word

    In this article, we tried to introduce you to the difference between selling gold and jewelry and all kinds of luxury jewelry so that you do not suffer losses before buying or selling jewelry. You can also buy the best brand from among the famous brands for your gallery to present the best jewelry with the best quality to the people. Now, if you are one of those buyers or sellers of luxury jewelry, be sure to pay attention to the points mentioned in this article. do.