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    Selling coins

    Selling coins

    Today, buying and selling coins can be a good way to invest, but if this is not done correctly, it will cause financial risks. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire important knowledge and skills before buying and selling coins. If you are familiar with the important points in buying coins, including tricks, warnings and information that are in line with safe buying and capital preservation, you will no longer be in any danger in this regard.

    Of course, before buying or selling coins, it is recommended to buy coins when you have stagnant money and do not want to use it in any field. In fact, high liquidity, capital preservation over time is one of the advantages of investing in buying and selling coins. Therefore, in this article, we have explained everything you need to know about buying and selling gold coins so that you can invest in the coin market without any worries.

    Important points in the field of selling coins

    Note that there are always differences between the purchase price of gold and coins and its sale price. Of course, all the people who are engaged in this field are obliged to determine the price difference between buying and selling coins in a reasonable way. But unfortunately, despite the price difference in the market, the buying and selling of coins has caused each seller to sell coins according to his own price.
    نکات مهم در خرید سکه
    Even sometimes, some sellers may buy the coin at a lower price than the people who intend to sell it due to the old mint year. Therefore, it is necessary to read the following important rules before selling coins:
    Coin sale rules

    When selling a coin, the seller may tell you that it is not a bank minted coin. This statement only applies to quarter coins, half coins and one gram coins, but in the case of the new All Bahar Azadi coins minted by the central bank, such a claim is not true and no one can deny this.

    One of the rules of selling coins is that you must buy vacuumed coins because at the time of sale you can sell the coin at a good price from the same shop where you bought it. Please note that the new design all-spring coins are much easier to sell because the demand for buying these types of coins is higher than other coins. In fact, a smaller amount is deducted when selling these types of coins, so the profit from the sale of all spring coins is more.

    Important points in buying coins

    Before buying a coin, be sure to research the various sources that are the coin exchange to know its exact price. Because some profit-seeking people take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the buyer or seller and the market situation and offer a higher price for sale and a lower price than the rate when buying.


    When buying a coin, make sure that your minted coin belongs to the year 2006 so that when you decide to sell it, you can sell it more easily. Because these coins are more prosperous in the market.


    Important points in buying coins


    Be sure to buy the coin from authorized units

    Note that the coin you buy must be vacuumed, which means it must have a hologram label. If this label is not on the coin, you cannot distinguish the original from the fake. Also, pay attention to the address and specifications on the coin vacuum so that it matches, so that you can rest assured that the coin is valid. Because an invoice is not issued for coins like gold.


    It is good to buy bank coins. In fact, bank coins are minted in the central bank mint. It is also hacked on its vacuums, including the guaranteed bank coin.


    Historical coins such as Pahlavi period coins are not suitable for investment in any way because these types of coins are mostly collectible. For this reason, they cannot be bought or sold easily.


    Note that the old design coins are no longer popular in the market and are rarely bought and sold. So it is better not to invest in these coins because they will not be profitable when they are not bought and sold.

    Security tips in buying coins

    In order to ensure the validity and authenticity of your coin, you can only buy it from units that have a license to sell coins and a Union hologram. If you buy your coin from a reputable center, you will notice the golden holograms on it with Shamd code. At the same time, the name of the place where the coin was bought is also engraved on it, which means that in addition to knowing the authenticity of the coin, you also know the place of purchase.

    Note that the denomination of banked and non-banked coins is different. In fact, people's bank does not reduce the rate according to their credit. But due to the greed of some profiteers, the value of non-bank coins is lower than the value of bank type.


    In order not to fall into the trap of profiteers, try to buy vacuum-sealed coins and make sure that in addition to the seller's name and address, a phrase such as a bank guarantee is also written on your coin. The name and address on the coin must be with the shop. The one you buy the coin from should match, otherwise, you should definitely go to reputable shops that have these conditions. To recognize fake bank coins, you can pay attention to the roughness on the back and on the coin. Of course, sometimes the low grade of gold also shows its fakeness.


    Don't rely too much on small and large discounts from shops that are not under the supervision of the union, because they may offer you unbanked or counterfeit coins in the form of genuine coins. That's when your hand is not tied anywhere because if the shop is not under the supervision of the union, you have no way to prove the illegal movement of these people and you cannot sue them.


    Tricks to buy coins

    The color of the coin should not be too yellow or too white, so pay attention to this point when buying and be sure to compare the color of the coin with a coin that you are sure is genuine.

      The diameter of Imami coin and Bahar Azadi coin is 22 mm and its shape is completely round. Its thickness is completely equal and the same on the whole surface.


    Tricks to buy coins


    Note that the circles around it are original and uniform gold, which are designed regularly and with equal intervals.

    Pay attention that the coin you choose is not inflated.

     ترفند های خرید سکه
    Coin price without seal

    In the buying and selling of coins, there should not be any price difference between the open coin and the vacuumed coin. While most people think that the vacuumed coin is more valuable, according to the law, there should be no difference between these two types of coins during transactions. With all these rules, some sellers claim that if a coin is vacuumed, they have no responsibility for that coin and will not accept it in any way.

    For this reason, they refuse to buy opened coins. In fact, sellers' refusal has caused the price of open coins to be cheaper than vacuum samples. This is while if the coin is open, it is easier to distinguish it from the fake type, but despite the withdrawal of sellers in this field, customers face problems.


    last word

    From the information mentioned in this article, before buying or selling coins, we must acquire enough knowledge in this field so that some profit-seeking people do not mislead us when buying and selling coins. If you are one of those people who If you want to use coins for investment, be sure to read the points mentioned in the article so that you can go through the investment process with success and high profit.